Abuta (Cissampelos Pareira); hormonal regulator 100% natural, excellent antioxidant, fortifying, antispasmodic, relaxant uterine specially indicated for woman to work like female hormonal balancing.
It relieves de Menopause; serves to diminish the symptoms associated with the menstruation and the feminine hormonal balance.


Adult  Women

Form of presentation

Flask - Flour x 80 Gr.
Flask - Capsules (100) x 400 Mg.


The individuals with allergies recognized or hypersensitivity to the abuta, don’t have to take it.
Not recommended its use in women in pregnancy state due to the possible effects of induction of abortions.
To reduce the doses in case of present some hepatic ailment.


Women in pregnancy state or period of lactation (it’s abortive), alcoholic people and for all those who suffer from low pressure.